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What are All the Lottery Games?

At present, there are three types of lottery games played by the most people in Malaysia

How to play Magnum 4D?

To play Magnum 4D lottery in i8 online casino, players should pick a pair of 4D numbers and buy an amount of RM2 per play. They can also use the Magnum app to scan their results. To increase their chances of winning, they can use the 4D Powerball Roll Play option, which generates 10 different 4D numbers. Alternatively, they can try out the Magnum Life game, which offers a chance to win RM1,000 every day for 20 years for just RM1.

Magnum 4D Payout Structure

Magnum 4D Payout Structure

The prize structure for Magnum 4D varies depending on the type of bet.

For Small Forecast, the 1st Prize is RM2,500-RM3,500, 2nd Prize is RM1,000-RM2,000 and 3rd Prize is RM500-RM1,000.


For Jackpot mGold, the Exact Match prize is 5% of the Jackpot Gold snowball amount (minimum RM2 million) plus Group 1 prize (RM100,000).

For Jackpot Gold, the 5th Prize is RM338 for every 6 Digits numbers match with the first 4 or last 4 numbers in the 6 Digits component of the winning number.

For Magnum 4D, 1st Prize is RM1,000 for 20 years if 8 matching numbers are drawn, 2nd Prize is RM1,000 for 100 days if 7 matching numbers and 1 bonus number are drawn, and 3rd Prize is RM50 if 7 matching numbers are drawn.

Lastly, for Malaysia 4D Jackpot 1 prize pool is 55% plus upfront RM2 million and any snowball amount brought forward from previous draws.

How to play Star Toto 6/50?

To play Star Toto 6/50, players must pick 7 to 15 numbers from 1 to 50 to cover all possible combinations. To win the jackpot, they must match all six main numbers drawn. The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 15,890,700.

Star Toto 6/50 payout Structure

The prize structure for Star Toto 6/50 is:

Jackpot 1 which is 40% of the Prize Pool plus upfront RM1,188,888 and any snowballed amount brought forward from previous draws.

Jackpot 2 which is 10% of the Prize Pool plus upfront RM100,000 and any snowballed amount brought forward from previous draws.

This game requires RM1 to play by choosing six numbers ranging from 1 to 50.

The winning set of numbers is determined by the first 4 or last 4 digits of the Jackpot 1 prize pool.

How to play Damacai?

To play Damacai lottery, players should choose three sets of 3-digit numbers from 000 to 999 To win the highest prize amount, they must match all digits in the First Prize of the 3-digit number drawn in the same order. Alternatively, they can play Super 1+3D by choosing four-digit numbers from 0000 to 9999 and following the prize structure outlined in.

Advantages and disadvantages of betting lottery in XXX


Playing lotteries online offers several advantages such as convenience, the ability to play from home, and potential comps for players. Additionally, online lottery games feature massive player pools and minimal decision-making in-game results.


The main disadvantage of betting on lottery games in online casinos is the risk of addiction associated with online gambling. Additionally, players must practice due diligence when assessing the credibility of an online casino operator. Low wagering online casinos may also be subject to taxation laws on gambling.

Lottery FAQ

To win a 4D Magnum, you could study previous winning combinations as well as using other strategies such as tracking certain number patterns or limiting the number of possibilities. While it might be difficult to succeed every time, with some practice, you can become better at predicting these numbers!

One can increase their chances by utilizing lottery strategies such as analyzing past winning numbers or using probability calculations to predict future draws. It’s important to remember that the odds of guessing the correct number are still slim – at 1 in 13,983,816 – so it’s important to approach the game with realistic expectations.

Picking the winning Toto numbers is an art form! For your best chance at success, choose 6 numbers between 1 and 49 – but try to avoid any that haven’t been drawn in the past 7 draws. There are also mathematical strategies you can use to give yourself a better shot at taking home the prize; these include playing with Hot Numbers (frequently drawn numbers) and Cold Numbers (numbers that rarely show up).