About i8 online casino

Introduction of i8 Online Casino

The online entertainment city founded in 2014 has tens of millions of registered players and a legal business license for the gaming industry market. Legal online entertainment company authorized and regulated by Costa Rica, Philippines and Myanmar.

i8 online casino provides a variety of games, perfect 24-hour membership service, strives for perfection and is committed to maintaining the fairness of the game, adopts encryption technology and strict security management system, and guarantees the safety of players’ funds. At the same time, it provides APP to serve mobile phone users and solve Android ( Android) and IOS users have problems accessing webpages, and the stability has reached the best level in the industry.

The deposit and withdrawal issues are also connected with the third-party cash flow to ensure the safety of funds, give players affirmation and trust, so that every player can enjoy themselves without any worries.

The Value of i8 Online Casino

Goals of i8

Now it is the best online entertainment city in the market, i8 is also ahead of its peers in terms of cooperative sponsorship and service scope, and is also recommended by many bloggers and Instagram (IG) influencers.

Since its establishment, we must thank all corporate game companies for their cooperation and the three-party financial flow agencies for giving i8 financial policies and operating convenience, and sincerely thank all joint venture partners and every player, and use brand influence to establish public resistance to telecommunications and network fraud. , to assume social responsibility.

【Brand core value provides a complete anti-fraud money laundering system and a fair betting environment, a large number of sports and other top events, the best odds, innovative and diverse gameplay, to meet the entertainment needs of the public. 】

Vision of i8

Today’s online casinos are highly competitive and technology is changing with each passing day. It is no longer possible to copy the past successful experience to achieve the goal. Facing the rapidly changing environment, we must have the courage to explore new possibilities, actively cross-border breakthroughs, challenge new tasks, and use more agile Speed vs.

We take the needs of players as the core, provide smooth, safe, fair, real, and technology, and become the best partner of online casinos for players, so that every inexperienced player can find a suitable online casino brand and not be deceived.

[With the No. 1 brand, we will lead the Malaysia gaming brand to the Asia-Pacific region in the future, realize the Malaysia gaming industry’s cornering overtaking in terms of innovative product competitiveness, technological advancement, and hardware and software equipment, and achieve greater success in Malaysia gaming. breakthrough. 】

Concept of i8

Image The following five concepts are the brand entrepreneurial goals:

  1. True
  2. Integrity
  3. Security
  4. Innovation
  5. Technology
TrueWith the concept of real entertainment; using live video technology, live broadcast live and professional interaction with real professional croupiers, do not use machine computers to calculate the results, and use croupiers to deal cards on the spot to play games, so that players can have the feeling and experience of being in an actual casino.
IntegrityBased on the concept of honesty and fairness; no fraud, no cheating of players, each game is based on fairness and integrity, official certification and endorsement, transparent game rules, complete rule marks, each game is reviewed by the official agency for fairness sex.
SecurityWith the concept of legal security of funds; to protect players from being harassed by subpoenas, from being defrauded by telecommunications networks, encryption technology and strict security management systems are adopted.
InnovationWith the concept of innovation and diversification, it provides a variety of diversified games, 24-hour exciting events, and launches new games and competition methods incessantly, bringing players better and newer online game enjoyment.
TechnologyWith the concept of professional technology; provide smooth screen, APP technology, product ease of use, equipment compatibility, reduce the difficulty of user use and learning, continuously update and upgrade software and hardware equipment, and develop new types of games to ensure that the industry is at the forefront of the times.

The Persistence of i8 Online Casino

  • Provide a fair, safe and real betting environment, providing a live betting experience.
  • Technical software and hardware screens are smooth, not stuck, reducing the difficulty of users’ use and learning.
  • Tens of thousands of exciting events are provided every day, covering the world’s diversified gameplay and the best odds.
  • Legal international license certification, supervision of company operations, based on integrity.
  • Cooperate with well-known game companies and have a good cooperative relationship to achieve fair and fair game quality.
  • Official use of third-party cash flow and deposit, cash flow cutting, legal security is difficult to trace.

Services of i8 Online Casino

i8 Online Customer Service

Online gaming platforms that involve money must have 24-hour customer service that is reliable, professional, efficient and dedicated. This is very important.

Customer service can immediately help players inquire about quota issues, assist players in placing bets, and provide knowledge of professional rules. Of course, it also represents the appearance of online gaming. It is the first contact with players when they first know the brand. The selection of customer service personnel must go through professional training and review.

Payment method of i8

With the most honest and strict attitude, we provide 24-hour, year-round cash withdrawal services, are committed to protecting the personal privacy and legal rights of players, and ensure the safety of the transaction process.

Instant disbursement within 3-6 minutes, and all funds will be allocated to your account by a third-party cash flow.

i8 deposit method

Promise that each customer enjoys the fastest deposit and withdrawal service, which is a convenient function in the mobile phone era. It provides a 24-hour, year-round bank transfer storage method to ensure the safety of the transaction process.

i8 game types

Provide live croupier Live, Sports, E-Sports, Chess, E-Games, Fishing, Animal… and other diverse types of games, in line with the preferences of players of different natures, so that players will not feel bored and bored. You can choose different games at any time in the platform Enjoy the game, and beginners can play through the teaching of the rules.

Promotions from i8

For each game, i8 Online Casino creates different promotional activities to have fun with players. It provides welcome bonuses and stored value rebates for new players. It also provides vip level upgrade experience, daily rebates, and various venues for players who have been playing for many years. Events are held from time to time, and it can be said that the discounts are quite rich.

Social Responsibility of i8 Online Casino

Face each game with the hope that players will maintain a healthy attitude. Any player under the age of 18 is not allowed to bet and withdraw money. Be wary of players not to be overly addicted to the game and affect their original life. For details, please see : Anti-addiction to gambling.

Remind to treat every bet and every game rationally, treat online gaming as a leisure item, and avoid continuous and continuous losses.

[Game descriptions are provided in online casino games. The transparency hopes that players have a certain understanding of the game, play the game rationally, and arrange their own playing time reasonably. “i8 Online Casino” is based on integrity and cooperation to achieve a win-win situation. 】